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Helping organizations rediscover the lost art of building community

"Human connectedness is the renewable energy source that powers organizations."
-Mark Pyper


We create conditions where people engage and connect

Need to connect (or reconnect) people? 

We can help.

Need to build better engagement to achieve org outcomes? 

We can help.

Need to increase belonging ? 

We can help.

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We know how to engage and connect!

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Whether working with individuals, teams or whole organizations, we connect people.

Whether it's with someone new, an existing friendship or a relationship that has faded, engaging with UMiiConnect modalities energizes all of these connections.

Our research shows when people participate in a UMiiConnect connective experience, 95% of them engage and start building connectedness within 10 minutes.


Connective Science

Creating Conditions for Connectedness

Humans are hardwired to connect.  Once connective conditions are created, nature takes over and magical things happen.

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Connective Algorithms

UMiiConnect infuses our propriety connective algorithms into all of our solutions, creating conditions where people build, strengthen and deepen relationships.


It starts with "seeing you" in me, then "seeing me" in you and ultimately "seeing we" in us.  


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Read how this Elase executive used UMiiConnect to bring their team closer together to achieve better outcomes...


Read how this Global Talent leader used UMiiConnect  to harness the unique insight and experience their team brings to work...

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Read how this HP manager used UMiiConnect to rally their team around a colleague in need...


Participant Feedback

"I'd love to do it again.”

"It was terrific to learn about more about our colleagues and connect." 

“I absolutely loved listening to everybody’s life experiences.”

“It was great getting to know each other on a deeper level.”

“We all opened up.”

"Loved knowing how I connected with my coworkers..."

“I learned SO much about my co-workers whom I see everyday! It was awesome!”

"It was perfect - seriously!" 

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