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Connections Importance

Importance of people connections


"The Secret Ingredient That Makes Some Teams Better Than Others"  | Margaret Hefferman | IDEAS.TED.COM

Connected people help each other succeed.

"Helpfulness directly impacts profits, costs, productivity and efficiency."

Margaret Hefferman observed the critical attributes that helpful teams contribute to organizations. 


She said helpful teams:


  • Accelerate the sharing of knowledge and expertise.

  • Don’t let one another stay stuck or confused.

  • Prevent problems before they arise.

  • Don't let colleagues become isolated or cut off.


Connected teams make asking for help easier

Asking for assistance demonstrates trust while also showing esteem.

Our immersive experiences create space for teams to connect through shared interests, stories and insights.


We have found that participating teams begin to build a foundational bond when asking and giving help is a natural outcome of their connectedness.

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