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Client Testimonials


“A big thank you to UMiiConnect for cultivating connection within our organization.  The training that was facilitated was fun, insightful and will no doubt follow with results. 

​I have been working with my team for 10 years and still managed to learn something new about each person.  It brought us closer together and as a result I'm confident that our personal and business outcomes will be enhanced for the better.”


Jamie York

President, Elase

Elase testimonial
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"My team at Global Talent, a small nonprofit program, participated in UMiiConnect’s program in early 2021. Even though we were only able to meet virtually, our brief time going through the modules together yielded profound insights. The questions that guided our discussions were very well-crafted and resonated with each team member, in spite of our different personal backgrounds.

​Mark Pyper, who facilitated the discussion, was immediately engaging and welcoming, which set the tone for deep, authentic sharing. I was floored by strength, resiliency, wisdom, and insight demonstrated in the stories that each team member shared.

​As a manager, I wish that I could have accessed UMiiConnect’s principles years ago. In addition to a greater appreciation of my co-workers as inspiring human beings, UMiiConnect left me with actionable takeaways on how to harness the unique insight and experience that each team member brings to our work. Our team enthusiastically recommends UMiiConnect and looks forward to further work together in the future."

Ashley Davis

Project Manager, Global Talent

GT testimonial

“I have a team where the core group has been in place for several years.  Admittedly, I sometimes get caught up in the grind and zoom past the empathetic part of leading a team.  All business.  After the first two UMiiConnect modules, I have been beginning the staff meetings with some time for connecting. 

I am convinced the trust that came out of the two modalities even helped a team that has been together for years.  The value of this program is real.”

Mike Thompson

Manager, HP Inc.

(Read how a sales executive transitioned from a peer to a leader and built a more collaborative team in the process in this UMiiConnect success story.)

HP testimonial
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