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Begin your organization's connective engagement journey here

It starts with "seeing you" in me, then "seeing me" in you and finally "seeing we" are in this together.

Our immersive UMiiEngage Workshop is a three-part, six-hour connective experience where our shared interests, stories and insights form the foundation of deeper connected engagement.

The UMiiEngage Workshop can be delivered via in-person, virtual or a hybrid modalities.

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"It was terrific to learn about more about our colleagues and connect." 


Let's take this connective engagement journey together!

Your foundation of engagement needs to be regularly energized by moments of connectedness

Like any living organism, your organizational connectedness needs to be periodically nourished, potentiated and invigorated.

Our subscription modality can be deployed strategically to meet your organizational connective needs at a moment's notice or on a regular cadence depending on your requirements.

We customize your UMiiMoment Subscription content to align with your desired organizational outcomes.

"(UMiiEngage) brought us closer together and as a result I'm confident that our personal and business outcomes will be enhanced for the better..."