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People Inside Taxi

See You In Me 

Shared Interests Module

Research suggests when we share an interest, forming new connections is likely. 


Our SeeYou module uncovers shared interests creating affinity moments that spark new connections, re-energizes existing ones or revitalizes stagnant ones.

Scaling the Rocks

See Me In You

Shared Stories Module

Everyone loves a good story.  Even more captivating is an adventure where the hero is a coworker.   


Sharing stories leads to discovering just how remarkable your teammates really  are.  


Through our SeeMe module, we begin to see ourselves in our coworkers and how much more connected we really are.

Business People in Meeting

See We In Us

Shared Insights Module

As we see ourselves in others and see others in us, something curious happens--we begin to see more opportunities to share insights and collaborate with each other.     

Our SeeWe module facilitates sharing insights that can lead to reciprocal  wisdom being shared by others.

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