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Bus Outcomes

Engaged people achieve  positive organizational outcomes

80-20 dis-engaged.png

"State of the Global Workplace 2021 Report" | Gallup | 2021

Is your employee engagement strategy working?

If not, it's costing you money...

Gallup estimates the lack of engagement costs the global economy $8T and accounts for a staggering 10% negative impact to GDP.

However, people want to engage.  They are hardwired to connect.  We have found that given the right conditions, humans will absolutely connect and engage.

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"The Right Culture: Not Just About Employee Satisfaction" | Gallup  | 2021

When people engage, magical things happen.

Engaged employees deliver positive business outcomes.

Highly engaged organizations have higher profits, earnings, sales, productivity, collaboration and lower heath care costs.

UMiiConnect participants report a high level of engagement in our connective experiences.  In fact, 95% report they become engaged with the first 10 mins.

Ready to find out we can help build more engagement in your org?

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